Wednesday, November 02, 2022

surprised by an award

In the middle of the online RASC Toronto Centre awards ceremony, while I was congratulating other hard-working volunteers, I was surprised to hear my name called out.

Not expecting that.

Partly because I am a national member.

As nominated by Eric Briggs, the editor of centre newsletter, I received the 2021 Ostrander-Ramsay Award.

The president read the citation.

Blake Nancarrow for his article in SkyNews about 3D printing.  In "Hacking your scope" in the July/August 2021 issue, he described how he used a 3-D printer to construct parts to replace or enhance components of his various telescopes and mounts.  Blake is a regular contributor to the Journal of the RASC with his column Binary Universe and serves on the Society's Observing Committee.  His article in SkyNews brings his technological expertise to a wider audience in an entertaining and informative way.

I felt honoured. I thanked Eric.

It struck me how impactful the SkyNews pieces on 3D printing must have been. Nice to know people read it and find it helpful.


This is the second time I received this centre award. In 2010, my contributions to the SCOPE newsletter were recognised.

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