Tuesday, November 08, 2022

examined all our pins

Found a package from RASC head office in my mailbox.

Small envelope... Could it be?

Yes, a sampling of the observing certificate pins! Shannon had said the Samantha was sending a package out for me. They arrived, in short order.

RASC observing certificate pins

The bubble envelope included the metal label pins for the Explore the Universe (EU), the Finest NGC Objects (NGC), the Messier Catalogue (M), and the Isabel Williamson Lunar Observing Program (IW).

Also, there was a pin for the Explore the Moon-Telescope certificate (EM). We had recently reordered more of these. What I don't know is if the one sent is from the old existing lot or from the new run. If I had to guess, it was a new one.

Would have been nice to see both the old and the new to do a proper side-by-each comparison. Alas.

I really like how the Moon pin has texture. You can feel the surface of the Earth's satellite! Neat.

And, happily, there was a pin, brand new, for the Double Stars program (DS)! Exciting to see this in the flesh. My design. It turned out pretty good. Yeh.

Comparing the EM and EU pins, closely: I believe the EU is shinier, a chrome-like finish, while the Moon pin is a bit less so. I was asked, when placing the order, if we wanted nickel or brass finish. So, it's something to do with the metal I guess. And the differences must be attributed to the different manufacturers. 

Is the resolution different?! Hard to tell.

Minor. Of no consequence. It's good!

I looked very closely at the Double Stars pin. The colours look quite good. It's funny, apropos, that some of the stars are very tiny. You have to work at them... Just like you might need to do doubles when at the telescope!

It is helpful for me to receive these. To be able to see the hardware. The know exactly what we give members. It is my bailiwick, after all.

Aside: destination address on the envelope, hand-printed, almost perfect in its format...

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