Thursday, June 15, 1995

RedShift 2.0 software

Using my first astronomy software, Redshift 2.0 from Maris. CD-ROM based, it works on both my PCs and Macs. I can use it at home and my Mom's.

I'm really enjoying using it, planning for events, printing reversed charts. I like the animated tours as well. Flying through space around the solar system is very cool.

It features:
  • 250 000 stars, asteroids, and comets
  • 40 000 deep sky objects
  • 700 full-screen photographs of planets, nebulae, etc.
  • seems to go down to magnitude 10...
One problem I'm having is that the software seems unable to find existing QuickTime software if installing onto a new computer. So, you have to let the RedShift install QuickTime. Then you can reinstall QuickTime after that.