Monday, November 07, 2022

corrected more DSG files

Worked on the Stellarium observing list (bookmark) files for the RASC Deep-Sky Gems certificate program.

Applied the changes to match the tables as they appear in the 2023 Observer's Handbook.

These files, in JSON format, had been originally created by Chris V.

Specifically I updated the summer and winter seasonal lists.

I added items:

  • Levy 225 - NGC 1187
  • Levy 324 - Tom 5
  • Levy 384 - the "special" Puppis asterism

I deleted items:

  • Levy 225 - NGC 2613 (huh?*)
  • Levy 206 - NGC 6118

I also deleted spurious records that created blank rows.

Hacked the JSON code to handle some special cases where there was not an object or star in Stellarium. 

I tested them in version 1.1 and they seem to work fine (more or less).

Sent an email to Chris and asked if he would get these uploaded to the RASC Toronto Centre web site, where we hosted many Stellarium bookmark lists.

* There appeared to be a numbering error from the Levy logs that further confused matters. 

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