Sunday, November 20, 2022

close to home

Rhonda pinged me at 10:30.

She shared an article from EarthSky.

The headline, Asteroid hit Canada hours after discovery, sounded a little dramatic. I skimmed it. It had only been detected a short time before it entered our atmosphere.

A Leonid?

And then I tried to corroborate it. Fact checking time.

On the SpaceWeather web site, I spotted a piece. Echoed a lot of the same information. Close to home!

The CN tower image was doctored. Not sure why...

Scrolled down.

I noted the addition in the PHA table below, marked in red:

  • asteroid 2022 WJ1, 2022-Nov-19 (UT), distance 0 LD, speed 14.8 km/s, size 1 metre

Zero lunar distances... Don't usual see that. And it means—duck!

Forwarded the SW page to Rhonda.


I'll keep an eye out for a message from Peter Brown at Western...

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