Wednesday, June 30, 1999

beautiful card

I don't know if the scan will do it justice...

Donna made a beautiful thank-you card. She sent it from herself, Steve, and kitty Minus. It was in response to my recent visit around the summer solstice and the celebration of her birthday.

If you look very closely at the card image, you'll see an astronomer. Or perhaps astrologer. Or wizard. Or all of the above. His studio is filled with animals, including a number of cats. The open window is framed with figures craved into the stone. All the creatures of the zodiac.

The night sky behind is filled with the constellations, bright stars, and many comets. A telescope points up.

It is quite detailed and colourful.

Donna set this on a stamped paper. Ringed silver planets abound.

It from her The Bear's Wares company.