Monday, July 02, 2001

star trails (Kawarthas)

These represent my first attempt at star trails photos.

You might think these bad day-time shots. But look closely. You can see some circumpolar star trails, particular near the top-right of the frame.
  • location: Curve Lake, Selwyn, Ontario (*)
  • equipment: Pentax SP II with a Takumar 28mm lens
  • filter: Skylight (1B)
  • exposure: f3.5 at 1 hour
  • film: Fuji Superia 400
Still, I goofed! I forgot that the Moon, full, was up during the time lapse! So it flooded the scene with reflected sunlight!

Lessons learned:
  • focus on infinity
  • only attempt this when there's a New Moon
I look forward to another attempt!

It was good to finally get up to Dace's cottage with the gang and with my telescope. We enjoyed viewing Mars on the Saturday night.


Dace sent me an email about the location, as incorrectly noted above (*).
"It's not Curve Lake;  but Chemong Lake."
Thanks for the correction!