Saturday, August 31, 1991

first photographs up north (Muskokas)

I don't remember the exact history now but clearly I had a number of things in place to shoot bracketed photos of the Moon through the telescope.

location: Woodwinds Island, Muskoka, Ontario
camera: Pentax SP-1000
film: Kodak Ektar 1000
exposure: 1/30

Again, I wasn't keeping logs at this time. But I remember that it was at Caroline's cottage that the urge to have a 'scope consumed me...

I also don't remember exactly when I bought my t-adapter. I know I did not buy it when I got the 'scope itself. But obviously in short order I had the Meade t-adapter proper and "PS" adapter ring so to connect the Pentax body, via its screw-type mount.


Wikipedia link: Moon.