Wednesday, November 23, 2022

picked up some cable parts

After my medical appointment, I asked The Driver (i.e. Mom) if we could run another errand, while in London, while relatively close.

I wanted to head over to a nearby electronics shop! Needed a couple of parts...

She said, "Sure." So I took to navigating us to the east end of the city. As we drew up to Clarke Rd at Gore, I spotted the store in the plaza. 

Hardcore Electronics was my destination.

Store clerk (owner?) greeted me. I cut to the chase and he helped find the items I needed.

cable build parts plus shrink wrap

The phone hand set plug and the female serial DB-9 connector are for the new data cable I'm going to make, for the GoToStar motor drive system. The existing cable is going wonky...

I desperately wanted to stay longer to browse and geek out but we needed to get back to St T.

Oooh. Shrink wrap!

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