Wednesday, November 09, 2022

learned about repository

Eric K, one of the new members, asked an interesting question on the Obs Comm listserv.

Was I looking to get the DSG list into the RASC folder within SkySafari's "Observing List Repository"?   

I felt I was missing some context.

What is the Observing List Repository? Is this a space managed by the Sim Curr people? 

He replied:

Yes that's correct -- in SkySafari, from the home screen if you tap on Observe > Observing Lists > Import From Online Repository (at the very bottom) > RASC.  Then you'll find all the Finest NGC lists separated by season, and all of the Messier list separated by season.  It's really handy for planning observing sessions, I would be lost without them.  It
would be amazing to get the DSG on that list. 

Indeed. It merits some investigation and further discussion.


Popped in. 

Spotted the 4 seasonal NGC lists and the 4 seasonal Messier lists.

I'll download 'em shortly.

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