Tuesday, November 08, 2022

looked the wrong way (St Thomas)

Woke with a start!

The lunar eclipse...

I trundled to the balcony door.

Dark. Dark skies. A bright star, low, fairly steady. I didn't see the Moon. 


Surely it was up, over the horizon. Right? Checked Stellarium Mobile on the phone. Yes. It was over the horizon...

ruddy Moon in Stellarium


Oh yeah. 

West horizon...


My foggy brain thought I'd be seeing it dead ahead, from the balcony, in the east. That's where the Sun would be rising! My foggy brain recalled the geometry of a lunar eclipse. Opposite! Duh.

Can't do maths this early...

Well, that meant I'd have to put clothes on, put shoes on, find my glasses, and head outside, and...


I headed back to my warm bed, resigned, but knowing there'd be plenty of pix to enjoy later.

It's only the Moon after all.


Unknown said...

Whew! You had me worried for a moment that you actually wanted to look at the moon.

bla said...

Good thing I went back to bed!