Tuesday, December 08, 1992

nebula in Orion (Toronto)

Was chatting with the neighbours across the hall one day and astronomy came up. I told them about and showed them my telescope. They freaked! They told me that via their living room window that we could get to the roof of the building.

43.710° N
79.399° W

So that night we divvied up all the gear and hoisted up atop the apartment building skulking around like cat burglars.
Instrument: Celestron 8-inch SCT
Mount: Vixen Super Polaris
Method: star hopping
And, believe it or not, from the roof top of a little 3 storey building, just north of Yonge and Eglinton, from the middle of a big city, we could see the nebula in Orion! Little stars in the middle. I was as surprised as anyone.

Messier 42 (M42) aka the Great Orion Nebula. And the Trapezium.