Monday, November 21, 2022

the lost calendars

While doing some online banking, I searched for transactions with the word "Royal."

Spotted two orders for RASC Observer's Calendars on 18 October.

The proved that payment had been taken for the missing order...

Malcolm M received his calendar on or before 31 October, essentially 2 weeks out. Sent directly to him.

Still no sign of my set, to be directed to my home address.

Reached out to the RASC national office, to Shannon, listed as the marketing and sales coordinator on the web site. Asked if she could help with an e-store purchase issue.

In short order she replied. I removed the 24-hour reminder from my calendar.

I explained the situation.

She said she'd look into it.

I'll look this up in our system right now and get back to you.  Those orders should have been sent out, so there may have been a shipping issue.
I kinda figured that...

Later she reported:

The order was shipped on October 21st, so it likely was lost in transit.  I will send a replacement package from our office for you tomorrow.
I asked what shipping address was used.

She replied, "Bradford."

Nope. I told her that was wrong. If that was truly used, that was wrong on a lot of levels.

A short while later, she said:

My apologies.  That was the listed customer address. 

OK. Billing address was still my old digs.

She provided my new mailing address from the order. Good. Scared me for a bit there. I confirmed everything.

Checked my mailbox. Just flyers.

So, I guess they're going to send out another order...

What colossal waste. Three calendars lost. Postage or shipping that can't be recouped. Time lost, angst to the customer. What is wrong with this system? This should be trivial. It's been over 4 weeks and I still don't have what I wanted, what I paid for. If staff weren't involved in the original process, now they're quagmired in my redo.

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