Saturday, September 01, 2001

current camera film

Reading some old magazines... In the September/October 2000 issue, SkyNews editor Terence Dickinson tested every colour film available (27 varieties) from Kodak, Fuji, Konica, and Agfa, plus house brands.

"Of these, two stood out as the best for night-sky shooting:Konica Centuria 800 and Kodak Supra 400. In exposures over 20 seconds, these films have the best colour balance and more quickly record the faintest stars. Unfortunately, these two films are not widely available. Your local one-hour photo store probably does not stock either of them. For that reason, SkyNews is now stocking them as a convenience to our readers. Konica Centuria 800 is $12 per roll of 24 exposures, and Kodak Supra 400 is $15 per roll of 36 exposures (taxes, handling and shipping included). Minimum order: 4 rolls (OK to mix the two types). Send payment by cheque or money order (payable to SkyNewsInc.) or include credit-card number (with expiry date) to: SkyNews, Box 29, Camden East, ON K0K 1J0. No phone orders please."