Wednesday, November 16, 2022

received a barometer!

Sis texted me. She had been to the Missions thrift store in town.

Then she sent a photo.

She said, "Do you want it?"

analogue weather station

What?! Of course I want it. Right now!

I have fancied an analogue barometer for a long time. That's so funny that she found one...

With a classic barometer with movable dial, you can mark the current pressure and then watch how it varies. If it climbs, the next couple of days will be good. If it falls, it's gonna rain (or snow). Simple! I noted the movable brass-coloured pin was aiming down... I hope it wasn't loose and flopping around.

I soooo wanted to play with it immediately but we had a shopping date planned on Friday after work.

Would have to wait 'til then.

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