Wednesday, December 25, 1996

field guide from Steve

Steve, my brother-in-law, is a birder. He has many field guides and handbooks. In his travels, he found a book for amateur astronomers, Skyguide from Golden Books, in the same style. He gave this to me as a Christmas present.


 It will prove handy, I'm sure. § Wikipedia has an entry on Golden Field Guildes.

[ed: It has a section on double stars... one of my early sources as I started building lists...]

Monday, December 09, 1996

The Northern Lights

I recorded from television the documentary called The Northern Lights directed by Alan Booth and narrated by Michael Kramer. It is a stirring, eerie film from 1992, short at 48 minutes, with stunning photography and a haunting soundtrack. I watch it every winter.

It makes me feel cold.

Available from the National Film Board.