Saturday, December 25, 2004

Cellarius calendar

Donna gave me an appointment calendar featuring artwork by Andreas Cellarius.

The British Library has reproduced some of his illustrations from his Celestial Atlas of Harmony.

Cellarius has visualised the Ptolemaic, Copernican, and Brahe models of the cosmos.

Beautiful artwork. I'll want to keep this calendar after 2005...

Mom gets a Telrad

I bought a Telrad from Kendrick for Mom for Xmas.

I'm looking forward to using this "zero-power" finder.
  • shows three lighted target rings
  • the large ring is 4° (about the same area as a finder scope)
  • the small inner ring is ½° across (approx. the area seen in the telescope)
  • there's a middle circle at 2°
  • adjustable brightness control
  • base mounts onto 'scope without drilling holes (double-sided tape)
  • main unit unlocks from base for storage
  • requires AA batteries
  • weights 11 ounces
This is because her 'scope is without a finder. And it seems that finder scopes can be fairly expensive. I was surprised how inexpensive the Telrad is.

And it's real easy to use. Which will be an important feature for Mom.

I confess, it's really a gift to her and me! If I buy an additional mount (only), then I can use it on my 'scope too!