Tuesday, November 29, 2022

found the missing records

After a healthy breakfast, I sat down at John Starbird and logged into the RASC web site.

Accessed the four forms within the Stellarium training hub.

Spotted, as expected, the Results tab in the form handler.

Set the delimiting method to CSV. Set the date range to start from May. Hit the Download button. Dragged the file into Windows Notepad.

Oh. My. Universe!

From the level 1 course form logs, I found over 4 dozen records. 

Lots in the level 2, the level 3, and the Mobile introductory course.


In fact, many people had been registering for our courses over the summer and autumn...

I was relieved. On one hand. The data was not lost!

I was frustrated. We did not properly serve our members.

We missed out on training opportunities.

But it also meant I had a lot of catch-up work to do...

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