Wednesday, November 02, 2022

celebrated the recognised volunteers

Popped into the RASC Toronto Centre meeting, streaming on YouTube.

Been a while.

Said hello in the chat.

Think I surprised a few people.

I was attending primarily to hear the announcements at the end of the meeting. The president was to read out the 2021 award winners. And I knew about some of the recipients...

Arnold read his The Sky This Month presentation, Frank talked about a turntable observatory idea, Arushi delivered an amazing talk on the DART mission results, and Ron talked about the mysterious flares on Mars.

Time for the announcements...

Brianna H received the Charlene Norgrove Award for her 20+ years of volunteer service. I congratulated her on the well-deserved honour! (I knew she was in line. A little birdie had told me. OK. A proud papa!) 

Richard S also received a Charlene Norgrove Award in recognition of his support of the SLO observatory. Very appropriate.

For his observing activities resulting in a number of RASC certificates, the Awards Committee bestowed Chris V the Bertram Topham Award. I knew that one was coming for I nominated him!

And last and definitely not least, the prestigious centre award conferred by president, the Bert Winearls Award, went to Grace H. Hear! Hear! I felt this very significant, and long overdue, to properly recognise her tireless volunteer efforts, many of them behind the scenes. 

The Universe got a little bit better!

You can watch the complete raw video recording on YouTube. The awards portion starts at the 1 hour 31 minute mark... 

The evening also harboured a surprise for me.

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