Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mercury still up

Oh ho. I didn't realise Mercury was still visible! Learned, from the Procyon X app, that Mercury would have been a couple of degrees up! And still a negative magnitude. Huh. Perhaps, if I had looked harder, I might have spotted it...

thinning Moon (Etobicoke)

Flip dark winter chill. Spotted the thin Moon, as I left the house, about 10° up. Earthshine, again.

By the time I reached the bus stop, it was harder to see, in the brightening orange sky.

I wondered if anyone has modeled earthshine, how to predict it, the intertwined factors of sky darkness, the phase of our celestial neighbour, and our variant albedo.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ordered more

Ordered another box of RASC calendars. The office has very limited hours though...

clear and cold (Etobicoke)

Wow. Beautiful clear sky this morning. But chilly. Didn't feel like -1.

Looked for the Moon. Expected it to be further east. Yep. Lower. Thinner. Now about 2.5 days from new. Ooh, earthshine! Nice, treat.

Took a moment to seek out Jupiter. Higher than I expected but I found it.

Tried to spot Sirius. Got it. High but shimmering. Expected it to be brighter...

And then Castor and Pollux. Very high too.

And finally looked for Regulus. Finally tagged it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

old Moon (Etobicoke)

Damned cold. Some low clouds off in the east. Moon and Jupiter. Moon was pretty old. I guessed about 3 to 4 days from new...

Monday, November 17, 2014

landing photos analysed

Incredible images from ESA. Follow the bouncing probe.

They still don't know the final stop. I imagine this sequence will gave some clues.

happy joy

Oh I want one of these. Rod shared this t-shirt on his Facebook page.

Limited edition from TeeSpring. Hurry hard!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

updated coloured list

Made an updated Coloured Doubles list in SkyTools for the 2015 list in the RASC Observer's Handbook. Will go online shortly...

Friday, November 14, 2014

I'd like to say that I really--

Philae ran out of juice. Batteries suck.

national notice

Finally, my notice to all RASC members, went out. The Journal for December was made available. In it, my notice about my double star project. It is shown as a "letter to the editor." Now I can expand the team.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tom deciphered

Oooh. Tom figured it out. Charline's strange, public, and presumptious ride-request message of "Tim" was meant for "Tom." He then explained how to send a private message. Thank you.


Yesterday I tried to monitor the Philae lander. But, at work, there are a lot of restrictions on the internet access. While talking with Katrina, I got an idea. It worked! I was able to add RSS feeds into my work Outlook for ESA, Sky and Telescope, etc. Easier now to keep tabs on things.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

more calendars

Sold more calendars. In the hall. Peter was happy we were down to one box. Didn't need the cart. Also provided a batch to Karen and Sharmin to sell at the DDO during various events. And to provide as comps.

big impact to TLP

Stuart and I chatted about the appraiser situation. He confirmed what I suspected. He is not happy. The impact to the telescope loan programme is significant.

another delay

Gary cancelled his Thursday meeting with me. Said the weather was going to turn bad. OK. Further delays.

still in the group

Leslie reported she must have been deleted from the Operations Yahoo!Group. She was trying to follow a link to the AED materials. I told her she had not been deleted. Sent her the direct link.

Google does lander

Katrina directed me to today's Google Doodle.


Philae landing


Touch down!

Incredible. They did it.

Humans have put a probe onto a comet.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

preparing for landing

Watched the latest ESA animated video. Philae to depart from Rosetta and land on the comet...

Always pack a sandwich!

sent report

Submitted a brief IT report to the secretary. Tried to not refer to an webteam or social media stuff.

it's good

Risa and I talked about her ecliptic/zodiac piece. I really like it. But she felt that some people were not getting it. She asked me to check that it was accurate. I did. It was.

rebooted probe

Brief power anomaly on Philae. But the cycled it and it came up fine. Reboot!

context would help

Asked Armand to provide some context to the links he shares. He said he'd be happy to. Then he shared he didn't often read them. Oh.

Monday, November 10, 2014

received handbook

Woo hoo! Observer's Handbook arrived! Huh. Exactly the same number of pages as last year.

Oh. Neat! An article by Dr Seager!