Monday, November 21, 2022

heard from Professor Brown

Peter Brown of Western University, Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Planetary Science, sent out two items today regarding asteroid 2022 WJ1.

I had a feeling I'd hear from him, after learning of the asteroid on from Rhonda on Sunday.


Item 1:

Subject: Fireball and meteorite dropper

As many of you will know from media reports, asteroid 2022 WJ1 fell right in the middle of the network over the weekend (0326 on Saturday night to be exact).  We will be sending out a public call for people to keep an eye out for meteorites as we think some may be on shore near Grimsby (map attached).

I will send out the full release with video links as soon as it is published.

A big shout out in particular to Bob Lewis as his camera was right below the fireball and captured stunning footage.  Yeah, Bob!

Thanks again for hosting these cameras and helping with a unique science event.

He included an image  

2022 WJ1 strewn field map

This is the potential debris field.


Item 2:

Subject: Media release and videos

He shared two hyperlinks.


And for those in the Port Dalhousie, Port Weller, St Catherines area, happy hunting.

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