Monday, September 05, 2005

considered RASC

Thought some more about joining the RASC.

I reviewed the info on the membership page of the Toronto web site...

clamp still broken

I added to my to-do list an entry to fix the binoculars clamp...

considered an observatory at Mom's

Thought some more about a permanent observatory at Mom's... Options included atop the garage roof or some where in the back yard. Atop the house? That was kind of radical.

take better notes

I made a note. To take better notes. I'm not happy with my astronomy record keeping. I considered again a binder or a book. Something custom? What about posting online? I looked at the artist's sketch pad book I had. It has thick paper. I'm going to look at the info on the RASC pages and review my various astronomy books for ideas...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

more eyepieces

At my request, Mom brought down her 2 extra eyepieces from her telescope. They're Meade eyepieces, marked as 18mm and 4mm. She also brought the unidentified Edmund.

They're 1¼" in diameter. That means all her eyepieces are compatible with my telescope and visa versa. And with my doubler, we now have 8 total eyepieces ranges each (although the 4mm Meade is useless in mine)! Awesome!

I don't know the type or design. The "OR" printed beside the focal length suggests they're orthoscopic. Scoured the net but I couldn't find any information about them.

I'd like to know their apparent field of view but I'll have to calculate it backwards, measuring the true view...