Friday, November 04, 2022

didn't know of real-time offering

Curious message, out of the blue, from Alister...

He said that one of the members in his centre asked if there were any live sessions for Explore the Universe at a centre somewhere.

Alister knew of the Society's YouTube sessions and that he had the links.

He thought I might know since I see the centres submitting ETU certificates.

Still, I was not really clear on what was being asked... could he elaborate?

Half-an-hour later, he replied. Yes, he meant real-time. Something in the next week or month. He hadn't seen anything in the weekly or monthly RASC notifications.

I told him I knew of nothing on the national side. I didn't think Samantha or Chris or others had anything planned. And I didn't know of any centres doing work in this respect. I wondered if the member might partake of in-person gatherings, observing sessions, or star parties. I asked who the observing chair was for Edmonton. Maybe they could assist.

I was not much help.

Alister said he'd talk again to the questioner.

I am really curious what they are after. What are their goals or objectives? Why do they want real-time? Do they have questions? Are they looking for a mentor? An observing buddy? Or did they want to be remote to avoid being close? Betwixt and between.


This spurred me to review the resources available from RASC. 

Jenna and John made a series of videos in the summer and fall of 2020. They went through essentially all of the aspects of the Explore the Universe program with 9 main videos plus 1 additional one on winter observing. There were guest speakers, such as Dave and yours truly.

The videos are available to all to view. They are collected together in a nice information page with some additional links.

I touched up the page, fixing some stale links. I guess Obs Comm kinda owns this now.

It's a great resource...

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