Wednesday, March 06, 2013

delivered TSTM for March and April

Delivered my The Sky This Month presentation to the RASC Toronto Centre. Shared my thoughts on the upcoming comet...

Departed a bit in my format. The slide deck was large full-frame images. Very little text on each slide. Mostly me talking. A number of lovely photos by Centre members (like Bill Longo's above). I enjoyed delivering it. But it was a little more demanding, doing it this way. The hardest part of memorising on the dates.

Provided my usual handout, calendar on one side, notes on the other. Made 75 copies. Did not use them all up.

Stu, at the end of the meeting, complimented me on the talk.


The article is online at the RASC web site. Link killed. Look on the lumpy darkness companion site's presentations page.

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