Wednesday, March 06, 2013

have goto

Received a "go to" kit from Charles. He said it works on Vixen mounts. We're both wondering if it will bolt up to the Super Polaris...

  • two servo motors with black fascia covers; the bigger one has 3 "A" ports with 6-pin jacks, a 12V power receptacle, and push button switch; the smaller one has 2 "B" ports with 6-pin jacks
  • Dec motor particulars: has a sticker with Abroad Co. Ltd., 2006/03/18, ab3550b-n3229t1252, 12V100rpm<=150mA; encoder wheel has been damaged slightly (but probably won't be affected); mount hole not threaded correctly
  • two power source cables; an unfused CLA; a AC-DC adapter which outputs 12VDC at 1.25A; mains power cord for AC-DC adapter
  • GoToStar IDEA hand controller with very large LCD, numeric keypad with other functions; 4-pin and 6-pin connectors on back; white plastic
  • two coiled cables with 6-pin plugs; identical length, about 30 cm relaxed, plus ends; black
  • computer cable with female DB9 to 4-pin plug; black
  • an assembly kit; two brass grubbed gears; a long and short hex head bolt; large and small Allen key
  • the jacks and plugs are modular connectors like phone or network registered jacks and plugs
I found a cable in the bottom of the box. Looks like a power connector on one end. The other end of the wire is cut...

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