Monday, March 11, 2013

slewed Super Polaris from SkyTools

Joined the ASCOM-Talk and iOptron Yahoo!Groups.

Searched messages and files in the ASCOM group. Found many people discussing the GoToNova kit and driver issues. Downloaded an ASCOM driver for the iOptron. But it's labelled 1.2. I think I have that already...

In the iOptron group, I immediately spotted the GoToStar installation guide, a colour PDF, with many photos. Huh. Written by Astronomica.

Searched its messages. Found message 6343 of 8373.

The note mentioned trouble slewing with TheSky 6 via the ASCOM. Mark told Sean that the iOptron driver was known to not work. He had similar troubles with SkyTools 3 and the 8401 controller. Oh ho. Then he said:
I emailed some of the people who had success and learned that the Vixen Sky Sensor 2000 driver works with the iOptron controllers/mounts.  It doesn't give you access to all of the features that iOptron ASCOM driver would if it worked but it did allow me to operate the mount.
I immediately downloaded the Vixen SkySensor 2000 (6.1.7) ASCOM driver and tried it. It works!

Holy cow. The old Vixen Super Polaris mount looks like it is slewing correctly with SkyTools. That's brilliant.

Phoned Charles. Shared the good news.


Charles revealed that the cut cord was from a power supply that did not meet CSA approval.

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