Sunday, March 31, 2013

reviewed users manual

Read thoroughly, this time, the "quick" GoToStar users manual [sic] so to demystify some things.

Looks like my assumption about the park position is correct. Counter weight shaft "inline" with north leg. Mount and OTA pointed to Polaris. They do say, though, that one can be in the vicinity. It does not need to be highly precise.

They make a point of saying that the Dec drive motor needs to be on the east side of the mount.

The authors strongly recommend using the three star alignment process. I'll have to try this. I realise I've made an assumption, that's it behaves like Celestron or Meade, where some people advise to not use the three star method.

From page 3, I noted the following. During the alignment "procedure [the hand controller is] establishing the mount’s cone error."

Also, after the alignment process, the computer "will compute the polar axis positioning error of your mount and display it. Press BACK and you will return to the [main] display." Huh. No notes on what to do about this...

A tip is offered if goto accuracy degrades. They suggest choosing an identifiable star, syncing on it, before slewing to the next object.

I noted earlier the "Dis R.A. axis error" command. I think this information is displayed automatically. But it sounds like this command will show it any time.

And the PEC. I might try this for long exposure work...

Nice menu tree on page 4. That's it.


Found a Word document in the Yahoo!Group. It pointed out something interesting... "Park Scope: This procedure only need to be done if you don’t move your telescope mount after you power off GoToStar. Celestial pole pointing error will be stored to flash memory and recalled while power on again."

I've been using the Park command. Often. I just assumed it was the graceful way to shut down the mount. But now I'm wondering if the process stores data that then mucks up the mount for the next time. It sounds like the Park Scope command is like "hibernate." If not doing an overnight, then do not use the Park command; just power off.

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