Saturday, March 09, 2013

it's a Mamiya

After all these years...

Scott asked me about my camera (er, binocular) tripod. I said I thought it was a Manfrotto. I corrected myself. For certain the head was Manfrotto. Scott then revealed that his tripod was exactly the same. Holy cow! I had never seen another before. Same unique centre braces. Tall at 6 feet (good for tall astronomers). Same big round knobs for releasing the elevation clamp and leg braces. Identical round screw grips for the leg extensions.

Two things were different about his. It had the original head (like the photo). And it had the original manufacturer sticker with model number! It was a Mamiya 1507 tripod. Ah ha!

I told Scott that when I was initially given the tripod, I was under the impression that the tripod proper was not Manfrotto. But at some point, a few years back, I had been convinced this was in fact not true. Someone assured me the tripod was Manfrotto, when I thought it was only the head.

He expressed his displeasure at the original head. And showed how he got around the problem with a second head attached to the first.

Showed him my mod, for the shoulder strap, thanks to Charles. Also told him about the leg clamp grips slipping and how I had to re-glue them.

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