Wednesday, March 13, 2013

tested the new plate

Cleaned up the bolt hole on the GoToStar Dec motor with an M6x1.0 tap. First time using the kit!

Had to drill out the new plate mount holes a little with a 1/4" SSH bit so to accommodate the 1/4-20 bolts.

Took a bolt from the Vixen base plate. Used a nut for a spacer. Affixed the motor to the mount. Realigned the brass gears slightly.

Fired up. Looks like it is working... Did a one star alignment with the GoToStar hand controller to Aldebaran then slewed to Jupiter, Pollux, Mizar (after a meridian flip), and Arcturus.

When I tried to slew to Saturn, it paused, and then showed a message: Rise 22:18. Um. Yeah.

With Dec motor plate—version 1.0—in place, the "enhanced" Super Polaris is ready now for a full load test!


Verified Park position appears to be vertical on the RA axis and at 90 on the Dec.

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