Friday, March 08, 2013

considered a mounting plate

Made a template out of paper for the Declination mounting plate. Plotted the screw holes. I think, though, it needs to be three dimensional...

Measured the bolt holes on the Vixen Super Polaris mount near the tube holder. While it uses a 5mm Allen, it's a 1/4-20.

Finally removed the Vixen clutch gear from the RA shaft. Needed a 1.5mm hex to do it. Used my "jewelers" screwdriver set which I normally leave in the garage with the car repair tools. I don't seem to have an Allen key for this.

On reviewing the old Vixen motor installation guides, I realised I could in fact operate both ways: motor-driven and manual! Vixen considered this. For both axis. It would require ordering another clutch-gear shaft kit. They look like their still available. Then swapping the gear wheels. Hmmm.

Filed the Dec shaft. Fitted the Nanjing GoToStar gear. Lined up the motor. Well well...

Also did a test-fit with the Vixen clutch on the Dec shaft. It would work.


Reseated the clip spring on one of the OTA ring bolts.

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