Sunday, July 30, 2023

tried to see Jupiter (St Thomas)

Woke peacefully.

I think I had the best sleep in a while... maybe from 11 to 5-ish. Wow.

Looking out the big double windows, I noted a dark blue background. Some clouds, patchy, but a good chunk of sky was visible. Hmm.

I wondered if a morning planets might be visible! 

What were the morning wanderers. I recalled some of the gas giants were viable.

SkySafari said Jupiter was out there. 5:45 AM. High along the ecliptic, it looked like about a 45 degree angle from the Sun.

Right where broken lumpy low clouds were parked.

I couldn't move about much, bob or weave. Or try a different hall or lawn. Just kept scanning in the south-east.

I wanted to know the exact separation between the Sol and Jove. I thought there was a way in SkySafari to do that: go to one object, go to second object, check the data, looking for "from previous." Or was that a feature of TheSky by Software Bisque? Launched Stellarium Mobile Plus. But I was thinking of Angle Measure in the computer product; no equivalent in Stellarium. Hmm. My visual gut-feel was more than 20°.

The sky brightened. The window of opportunity, for Mark-I eyeballs, was closing.

6:18 AM. The Sun cleared my local horizon. The south wall brightened rapidly. Looked like it was going to a beauty-day, eh?

6:23 AM. So, no planets. For me.

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