Thursday, July 13, 2023

downloaded the August Journal

Went lookin' for next Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, ahead of the announcement.

Found it. Found the August issue.

Incredible evocative image on the cover, the Lion Nebula by Steve Leonard, using the Hubble palette.

Honoured to share pages with John Percy again: he talks about why we should care about the cosmos.

I look forward to diving into the What's Up In The Sky, with event list and whole-sky chart, again.

cover of the August Journal
My regular column, Binary Universe, starts on page 163. I discuss the new brilliant Collimation Circles tool.

During the proofreading phase ahead of publication, I asked for a small note to be added to my piece, to accommodate for very rapid changes to the app, some that affected the interface. I wanted to warn the new user that my notes and screen shots were already off a bit.

This request was rejected: the editor argued there was no space. That was unfortunate.

I include my cautionary note here:

In the short time since submitting my draft and receiving my proof, Collimation Circles has undergone major changes. That's what you get with beta software released into the wild! The GUI (interface) was revamped but I don't think you'll have too much trouble navigating the new screens. Another big change? CC can now help with focusing by showing the Bahitov diffraction pattern. Just gets better!

Also, an errata shows on page 135. This corrects for bad and confusing copy in my article in the June issue (page 125). This is the public notice, in addition to the direct apology sent. Again, the electronic version of JRASC was corrected; this affects those who receive the print edition.


Once again, there are faulty links, link "zones" in the file. Fortunately, the hyperlink from the TOC is OK and within the BU article to the software site; page 154 however... the whole page flips later in the issue, that's confusing and disorienting. It also masks the IOTA link. Increasingly, I don't feel the editing team appreciates this, truly groks hypermedia.


The software author noted JRASC on their web site. Thanks for the loop back!

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