Thursday, July 06, 2023

happily updated

Small things.

Just updated the Quick Reference Card for Stellarium level 1. I had spotted a couple of little issues when I was doing my mock teach...

Long in the tooth though 99.9% relevant.

My wording for setting the location was not great. That was my prime interest.

The referred software version was 0.21. Whoa. Naturally, that needed an update.

Of course, this upset the apple cart. Two lines of copy threw off the entire page layout.


Well, I knew it was coming. The QRC is packed!

But I got a little sneaky with the paragraph formatting, using the header styles, and made it work. A little hack. A tiny thing, really. Amazingly it worked! I didn't have to be a big rejig. Yeah.

I like how I can make MS Word jump through hoops. Jump, you, jump!

Looks good—really—looks the same. Nothing obvious. Which was what I was after.

the Smile constellation

Still, I felt exhilarated, for some reason.

Happy in my heart.

This old heart.

A little bit of the Universe coming together.


Nice spotting other typos previously missed. Stomped them out!

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