Saturday, July 15, 2023

coming together

Completed a rather thorough test of importing old observing list files into Stellarium 23.2... something had been bugging me, deep, animal brain nagging...

A full treatment here might take ma a couple of hours to write out. Too much. I can't do it. Not now. And I'm not sure the true value. But here is the highlight, the main take away.

Importing bookmarks lists into Stellarium 23.2 is functional.

I say again, it is functional. 

It works. It is not perfect, there is a bug, a minor one. While annoying, it is easily addressed.

When you import a list, you simply need to shutdown and restart Stellarium to see and use the list.

Today's important discovery is that the incoming list will be correctly labeled, and perhaps show with its good description, with no action required. The list may be immediately useable. This I did not think possible. But it turns it, it has to do with the JSON file schema.

Simply put, if the correct schema is used, the list appears correctly.

It's still not the end of the world if an inappropriate schema is used; it just means the list needs needs to be modified, given a good name and an optional description.

My editing notes should be taken with a grain of salt. 

You know that feeling. You're on the road, heading to your weekend destination, and you think, "Did I turn the stove off?"

The nagging thought, the question you can't answer, the image you can't crystalise.

Something had been bugging me for days about all this... I think I found it today. All kinds of loose ends got sorted here just now. Synchronicity. Richard's observations of the file structures that did not fully registering with me. Chris's reporting of lists importing without issue not fully registering with me. Me not seeing it happen first hand.

This also revealed a predictive tool. Examining the file schema tells us what will happen during import.

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