Friday, July 07, 2023

debunked TWN again

Called sis and bro after work to catch up, say hello, wish 'em a happy weekend.

They were pleased to hear from me and keen to learn my response. They wanted my expert opinion as it were.

The Weather Network was on about aurora. 

Oh brother, not again.

I shared that while I had received an email alert, it was not at a high level. I reminded them of the 1 to 10 scale. My notification was at 4.

I wondered if the large sunspot was getting them riled up. That region might produce aurora but I didn't think it would come into play for a day or two.

Don't forgot the bright Moon. TWN always forgets to remind their audience of that. Goofs.

Still, I loaded up my wx portal and hit the NOAA aurora link. 

Gah. 404. They moved things around again.

Clicked about and found the new SWPC dashboard page.

As I suspected: all green.

Anyone wanna drive to northern Saskatchewan?

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