Monday, July 24, 2023

delivered the first jam session

Ran the Stellarium "jam session," first ever, first time.

Went well.

Good turnout.

Time flew!

For me anyway.

Good news for us; bad news for the Richmond Hill DDO: Chris V was able to pop in due to poor sky conditions.

microphone on the stage

It played out as I had expected or hoped with a mix of questions, discoveries, opportunities to trouble-shoot problems, time-saving techniques, and so on.

And, along the way, we started to build a wiki, documenting our discussion. I'll give the attendees co-authoring access and we'll share to all others.


"Delivered" is not a good word. Presided over... I tried to not teach, command, lead. It was my goal to give everyone equal time and space on the floor. So I didn't deliver; I faciliated.

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