Wednesday, July 12, 2023

a new authority on aurora?

I programmed my Google service search engine thingee feature to watch for certain keywords and then deliver a summary. 

Some of the keywords or phrases I use include "dark matter" and "light pollution."

A couple of days ago I spotted this.

Yahoo!Sports on aurora

On My Universe.


Yahoo!Sports is now an authority on celestial phenomena?!

Many years ago I left Yahoo in frustration. Back then, I shouted, fist shaking at the screen, "Focus!"

Yahoo had lost their focus.

I also checked for the person responsible:

Maggie Horton.

I learned that she covers entertainment, celebrity news, TV shows and movies. Purportedly she enjoys concerts and nature.

Uh huh.

We can look forward to poorly-timed misinformation getting people riled up for no good reason. More fake science news.

Dear reader? Check your sources.

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