Thursday, July 27, 2023

creating an unique TB list in SS

One more "completeness" item. For me anyway.

I cannot remember clearly the process for creating a new list in SkySafari!

A special use-case container: the "what's up in tonight's sky" target list.

It's partly that I don't do it often.

It's partly that it is... a little weird. Counterintuitive. In a strange place? I really think so. Or just put it in two places.

For me, it is not a big deal, on one hand. Being in the IT biz, being a trainer, I'm used to dealing with oddities in software. I'm happy to clarify.

Perhaps some regular users out there, scratching their heads, will find this helpful.

renaming an observing list

A key feature of my procedure it makes a unique list, avoiding conflicts when using the very useful "what's new" process in the future.

The thing that keeps bugging me about all this is I've run into it before and apparently never formally documented it. Well, it's high-time.

The steps are the effectively identical for either Android or iOS users.

  1. Tap the SkySafari app icon. 
  2. If preferred, allow location access. 
  3. If nec, get to the main home screen or sub home page, so to see the celestial sphere.
  4. Via main toolbar... ensure the location correct.
  5. Via main toolbar... ensure date/time correct.
  6. Tap the Search button.
  7. Tap the Tonight's Best entry.
  8. Tap Actions & Settings.
  9. Tap Make Into Observing List, a list created called "Tonight's Best."
  10. Tap the OK button.
  11. Via main toolbar, tap the Observe button.
  12. Tap Observing Lists button.
  13. Tap the newly created list called "Tonight's Best."
  14. Tap the Edit button.
  15. Tap in the list name field.
  16. Annotate or extend the name, e.g. "Tonight's Best - Fingal - 230726." 
  17. Tap the done button.
  18. Tap the End Edit button.

I don't know about you but I find the built-in steps not trivial. And the starting steps I find obscure! For me, I often have gone in he Observing Lists area and stared at the screen thinking "Now what?" A lot of taps.

Something that irks me about the built-in process is that they don't employ any sort of automation. Why don't they stamp the new list with the current date, time, location?! Then the user would not end up with a half-dozen or dozen lists called "Tonight's' Best." That's a dumb glitch outcome of the current process.

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