Friday, July 14, 2023

review received well

I like to send a copy of the Binary Universe column to the software developer if I can.

Often I receive an acknowledgement, which is fine. But every once in a while, a genuine heart-felt reply, an expression of gratitude.

I was very happy to hear from Simon of Collimation Circles.

Thank you very much for sending me your article.  It's really very well written and so interesting to read.  I'm so glad that experienced astronomer like you find it useful.  It is really great to be acknowledged by someone of your status, experience and deep understanding of telescope inner working.

Neat that part, an experienced user commenting on software. That adds some gravitas to the product, which might prove helpful to savvy users looking at the convenience factor. While extremely useful to the novice. Simon has satisfied all user levels.

Happy campers, both sides.

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