Thursday, July 27, 2023

completed testing of SS lists

Did a ton of testing and trials with SkySafari Plus and observing lists.

Found two seemingly reliable and stable methods for getting observing lists files (the .skylist file type) in the app running on either Google Android or Apple iOS. 

Rather limited paths but, hey, one good option... I'll take it.

And it was, again, disappointing, frustrating, that more things weren't possible with LiveSky. But it seems clear to me now that the scope of LiveSky is mainly backup. Which is good. Very good! Do an automatic backup of observing lists, equipment lists, locations, and so on. Life saver that LiveSky.

Coming soon: I will drop the procedural lists into a separate blog post and be sure to cross-reference too from the SS evergreen page on the blog lumpy companion.

That makes me happy.

Over the years, Chris V and I have constructed observing lists for various scenarios. My main interest is having lists to serve as planning lists for the RASC visual observing certificate programs.

These are available now, on the respective program pages at RASC.

  • Finest NGC Objects (FNGC)- spring, summer, autumn, winter
  • Deep-Sky Gems (DSG) - monolithic
  • Double Stars - monolithic
I believe I have the The Deep-Sky Challenge (DSC) targets prepared but not uploaded...


Documented, formally, the steps to load an observing list into an Android or an iOS device.

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