Friday, July 28, 2023

received CSAC alert from BGO

Was truly happy today to see some Clear Sky Alarm Clock alerts for my Halifax profile. This was the second.

There are a couple of items in the hopper but they didn't seem to be moving.

Of course, you must be patient with the Burke-Gaffney Observatory rig, as a member of the ordinary people.

Back brain, I hoped that I might see a job processed at the BGO.

Subject:  CSAC Alarm for 2023-07-28 23:00:00 at BGO - SMU
Date:  2023-07-28 15:15
From:  "Clear Sky Alarm Clock" <>
Favorable observing conditions at Halifax
Based on your BGO - SMU subscription.
Opportunities to observe at:  (Clouds/Trans/Seeing)
07-28 @ Hour 23 for 1 hours (0%/Average/Average)

Thank you, Mark Casazza, again.

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