Friday, July 07, 2023

on gravitational waves

Watched Dr Becky Smethurst's latest video on the Pulsar Timing Array work.

This is exciting stuff!

Very exciting...

She talks about the incredible multi-year achievements into the isotropic background signal. Not to be confused with the relatively recent LIGO results showing our first gravity wave detection. 

I wrote in awe about this in early 2016. I also compared things at the microscopic and macroscopic levels in July 2016. And in August 2017, I briefly noted the neutron star merger results.

She also referred to Katie Mack who talked about how this is like being on a boat and feeling the choppiness on the ocean. Great analogue.

[ed: Mack is a speaker at Starfest...]

Becky then said, "Before gravitational waves, we only had light"

There it is. I felt exactly this with the LIGO results.

I knew it! This was the opening of a door. We were "seeing" the Universe in a way we'd never done before. I harkened it to a people deaf from birth, perhaps through a new medical procedure, hearing sound for the first time.

There is a sea of data out there waiting to be discovered... It is a "new realm."

Gravitational waves, large, and now small, are showing us the Universe beyond the constraints of light. As significant as it is, the cosmic microwave background (CMB, CMBR) limits us to light! And that curtain has been closing in...


I joked about gravity-wave phones...

Gravity studies are changing this.

Completely changing things.

Piercing the veil.

Circle your calendar.


I've been flashing back to the 70s/80s when I was deep in imaginings and keen to write science fiction stories and, inspired by Larry Niven, started to create an entire future history. I digress. But one technology I "invented" for my stories was using pulsars around the galaxy to serve as clocks, to keep everything on time, to run the trains on schedule as it were... Ha! Weird.

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