Wednesday, July 26, 2023

loaded SkySafari to iOS

Big thanks to my sister for loaning me her iPad (Mini 4). 

This allowed me to install SkySafari Plus for iOS. iPad OS 15.7.8. 

This opens the doors for any extensive testing I'd like to perform in the future.

The immediate matter was a project I had started months ago: the fully understand how to install observing lists created somewhere else, by someone someone else, into a mobile device.

The software download and install went without a hitch. Happily lots of storage space available (128 GB total) so I didn't have to worry about bumping into the furniture. Looked good on the large screen.

Heh. SkySafari sits beside Stellarium. Stellarium I had encouraged my sis to load up a few months back.

She's becoming an astro-nerd.

Nah. She's been an astro-nerd for a long time. It's that she has some of the apps now.

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Grace said...

You have a good sister.