Thursday, July 20, 2023

new to astronomy, is it all Greek?

My podcast is out.

For the actual astronomers for the Actual Astronomy team, Shane and Chris, I recorded a session where I shared some tips, tricks, information, what I consider essential information actually, that the new astronomer needs. 

It is mind-bogglingly important to me.

I feel fortunate that I stumbled across this at such at early stage and tried to master it. It has proven very useful.

The topic: The astronomer needs to know the Greek alphabet.

Related topic: The astronomer needs to know the Greek alphabet and how it is used in the hobby.

Helps find things. Helps demystify charts and atlases. Clarified double stars catalogues.

So give a listen to podcast 343 entitled It's All Greek To Me. (Hosted at PodBean.)

And give a gander of the associated show notes.

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