Saturday, July 08, 2023

checked the GRS

On a whim...

I wondered what might be up with the Great Red Spot position in Stellarium. Wondered if all was well in the latest version 23.2.



Found the GRS is off. Couple of hours...

Compared first with the Sky & Telescope magazine online tool. Then with SkyTools 4. 

Using the integrated view option in Stellarium, linked to JUPOS, I estimated the position to be at 38°. Handy. Back in the form, I entered the 38 degrees value.

Then I set the epoch time to the current date, right to the hour, in other words: now.

GRS on Jupiter - corrected

The GRS snapped into place, close to the meridian, for my reference time. Looked OK.

All this revealed that the Stellarium dev team is not updating the Jupiter data when rolling out releases. Too bad.

I think a lot of us having just been assuming that...



Let my training team know.


Let Chris know. He was disappointed too.

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