Tuesday, July 11, 2023

sought updates

I was looking for updates on Euclid and not seeing much.

Euclid is the latest space telescope to depart Earth. It was successfully launched with a SpaceX booster from Cape Canaveral on Saturday 1 July. Heading for a Lagrange point, the telescope designed by the European Space Agency will study dark energy.

I found an article as NASA on the launch and mission.

Yesterday, found a page from Adda247 that looked current but upon examination I saw images of a Soyuz craft in low Earth orbit. Headline read, "ESA launches ‘Euclid Space Telescope’ to review solar system bodies." Sheesh. Moving on.

rendering of Euclid telescope

Today I found the consortium page. Ironically, they discussed being current and "going public" on a page edited in late March. Meh.

Tried a quick search of the ESA web site. Search result page blank. Their overview page is good though.

Cool stuff at the amazing wikipedia, of course, including animated orbit diagrams.

At last, I found a source for current info. They're using mastodon.


I linked to it.

Getting busy over in the L2...


See Dr Becky's YouTube video. She discusses how ESA plans to tackle dark matter and dark energy mysteries.

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