Tuesday, August 05, 2014

R&R at the CAO

I had not intended it but I got to know the Meaford General Hospital. I think it is the one to go to on a weekend if you take sick at the observatory.

Had some dinner. Feeling better. Finally. Cipro fighting the infection; Buscopan was dulling the pain.

Everyone was gone from the CAO save the Chows. Elaine and Tony, my generous ride up, did not feel comfortable with the prospect of helping me home on Monday. I sent them back. Bev and Ian had generously helped me on Monday, to get me checked out. Phil rescued me.

I was upset that I had not been able to help Nicole with the cleaning of her 8" SCT. And I wanted to look into her SLA battery issue. I wasn't able to complete the locker paperwork with Ian. It was disappointing that I had not be able to take advantage of the best evening of the long weekend. I had considered setting up the N11. Maybe in the THO. Now I was anxious about the time away from home. Time I was losing. There was much to do...

Looked like I would convalesce on the Blue Mountains. Not a bad place to be.

Plowed through Heinlein's The Menace From Earth collection of shorts.

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