Friday, August 29, 2014

already adapted

Phil and I had talked about dew avoidance on the secondary. A couple of days back.

He said he converted his heater to an RCA plug connector so to connect to a traditional controller. Now, he said, he couldn't use a small battery easily. I suggested building a "cheater" plug, an adapter with a female RCA and perhaps a 9v plug snap. Then he could, for this event, keep it compact. But he didn't feel like hauling out the soldering iron...

While setting up his truss-Dobsonian, I looked at the upper cage. And spotted something interesting. Pointed it out. The 9 volt battery connector plug was still there! He had in fact made an adapter already. Huh! Seems he totally forgot he did this.

All he needed now was a 9 volt "transistor" battery!

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