Friday, August 22, 2014

early start

Had my earplugs in. To no avail.

Before 8:00 AM people were up and about and talking loudly. Damn it.

Usually I can't do math first thing in the morning. Five hours sleep. The more they yammered on, the more awake I became. No respect. No consideration.

I don't get it. Don't people at Starfest realise others will have been up late? If you're a morning person, fine, get up early. Knock yourself out. But please be quiet. Losers!

I climbed out of the tent and readied breakfast.

Right on schedule, 8:39 AM, the hyena started. Like last year, he was at it again. How did I end up near him again! Rotten luck.

Brooded over breakfast. A mediocre coffee in sachets. A big grey blanket of cloud covered us. Completely plotting out the Sun.

Please don't rain.

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