Saturday, August 23, 2014

repair booth report - day 2

Ran the Telescope Repair Man booth at Starfest again, Saturday afternoon. A bit later start today, 1:40 PM. And I went down a bit later to set up. Quieter.

Said hello to Karen Mortfield. She liked my superpower.

Torn down and inspected an alt-az mount with lot of play and found there were no bearings—not an easy fix but I suggested boring a larger hole and then using a plastic or metal sleeve. Helped with a Rigel battery: just a dead 2032 battery. Inspected a mirror diagonal with a loose input shaft: after removing the side covers, we found four set screws. Unfortunately they required an Allen key smaller than any of mine. Collimated more binoculars, including Viktor's on a long parallelogram. He was thrilled. Had a go at Heather's AstroMaster 114 Newtonian but I was not happy with the final result. And the Phil's Hotech laser collimator did not seem to work. I made a note to follow-up.

Photo by Katrina. Here I'm showing an owner how to adjust the collimation of their Newtonian. Which are the mirror locks and which are the collimation adjustment screws. Primary mirror slightly fogged but should still work fine.

Met Gary at Cangar. We had a good chat about the state of affairs for Canadian telescope owners.


Received George's non-functional ETX 125 to take back to the workshop.

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